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The Church

A Methodist School

Bakewell Methodist Junior School (BMJS) has a strong tradition of good relationships between pupils and staff and each child is valued as an individual and encouraged to reach their full potential. These values are not only embodied in the Government’s paper ‘Every Child Matters’, they are also at the heart of Christian belief.

Although the school is proud of its Methodist history and links we do not seek to impose the Christian faith on our pupils. We do, however, encourage pupils to understand something of what it means to be part of a Christian School and all staff are expected to support and develop a Christian ethos.

In practice this means 

  • Promoting Christian values such as love, joy, peace, forgiveness, reconciliation, justice and respect. 
  • Encouraging Children to think of others. This includes promoting fund raising for charities and awareness of issues of poverty and justice. 
  • Teaching children about other faiths and cultures and encouraging them to respect others’ opinions and values. 
  • Giving children the opportunity to reflect and respond to what they learn in ways which enhance their spiritual development.

Assemblies (collective worship) are essentially of a Christian nature and are led weekly by the Methodist Minister and other Christian leaders.  The school fosters links with the Methodist Church and celebrates Harvest, Christmas, Easter and the end of year Leavers’ Service in the church in Bakewell.